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For the standard purchase or sale of residential properties, we charge fees of $499. This fee includes all the additional services included in our Comprehensive Services Package. If you find a lower advertized price, we welcome the opportunity to match it and we will continue to offer the enhanced levels of service for which we are noted. In keeping with practice among law firms, we offer our standard price for ease of comparison, but do charge additional fees for certain time-consuming additional services. These fees will always be disclosed to you in advance..

$249 Preparation and registration of a mortgage

    • $ 99 Payout of Accounts required by your Lender
    • $ 129 Additional Progress Advances for new home construction (after first)
    • $ 49 Assumption of a Tenancy
    • $ 129 Discharge of Existing Mortgage

Don’t be surprised by undisclosed fees.



We typically offer our clients the alternative of either an hourly or a fixed-priced fee arrangement. As a mobile law office, we are readily available to meet at your convenience to discuss your particular needs. Put an end to big-firm gouging.




A significant consideration in most real estate purchases is the transfer tax paid to the government. This tax is calculated using a formula which lends itself best to being expressed in a table. Please contact us and we can provide you with a copy of the Land Transfer Tax Table which we have prepared, or advise us as to the fair market value of the property and we can perform the calculation for you.



Whether you are buying or selling, it is wise to provide you utility companies with meter readings on closing. Manitoba Hydro can be contacted at 204.453-6712 and Winnipeg Water & Waste at 204.986-3212. You may want to consider forwarding your mail, which can be done using



We strive to exceed your expectations. In addition to the basic functionality offered by most firms, we offer a suite of complimentary services that are unique to our firm and will greatly enhance your satisfaction :                                                                                                            
We are knowledgeable and responsive– Your lawyer will always be your primary point-of-contact, not an assistant.

We are at your side throughout– We offer our clients complimentary pre-closing support including: credit rehabilitation, reviewing your offer, drafting unique clauses and providing timely legal advice to protect you.

We are mobile- On request, your lawyer will visit you in your home or office to sign your paperwork.

We are geared to help immigrants- We offer services in several languages ourselves and can visit you at your bank or home with your trusted translator.

We are focused– Real estate law is what we do.

We take the time to explain every aspect of your home purchase and to answer all your questions.

We are diligent– With Sullivan McMullan, you can be confident that your transaction will be done right.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at closing– For peace of mind, we offer up to $300 of complimentary legal time to help with any issue that might arise with your home after you move in



We are equipped to assist you in all manner of real estate transactions. The less typical your transaction may be, the more you need an experienced and focused real estate lawyer at your side.



We pride ourselves in finding a way to make even the toughest deals close. If poor credit is preventing you from obtaining a mortgage, or if a home inspection raises concerns, we can find solutions.



Is your lawyer your primary point-of-contact, or will you be delegated to an assistant? Is your lawyer focused on real estate law, or trying to do a bit of everything? Will your lawyer present all options to save you money, or just do whatever is most expedient? Is your lawyer with you every step of the way, or will you be up-charged for reviewing the offer? for post-closing issues? (even for photocopies and faxes?) Will you (and your spouse) have to book time off work to travel to your lawyer’s office, or will your lawyer come to you? Is your lawyer up-to-date in the emerging issues affecting real estate law? Do you understand all the intricacies of your real estate transaction, or would you like your lawyer to be available to answer your questions as they arise? Will your lawyer back you up if there are any post-closing difficulties, or should you expect a supplemental bill?